Benefits of Airships

Published: 09th March 2010
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Airships were first introduced before World War I when they were used for military purposes. However, as time passed improvements in these airships resulted in its popularity due to its usage in number of ways. In this article, I have briefly described some benefits, which are due to these airships. These benefits are mentioned as below:

Transportation of heavy material or machinery

Transportation of heavy machinery and material is a difficult job in which millions of dollars are spent. However, with the emergence of airships, we can now easily transport heavy things with less fuel consumption, making transportation cheaper.

Advertisement through blimps

Non-rigid airships are now widely used for the advertisements of different products, services, events, and occasions. Before the emergence to airships, other modes of advertisements were used which were quite expensive and less effective. These include commercials on TV, radio advertisements, billboards, print media like newspapers and magazines, and many others. All of these methods are expensive and that is why companies are now using aerial advertising. Blimps is a less expensive mode and is very useful to position you message in front of thousands of people.

Defense purposes

Airships are also used for the defense purpose. They played a vital role World War I and World War II. Still many countries use airships with sophisticated designs to meet the challenges of war. Even police departments and intelligence agencies are using these airships for defense purposes. They help because these airships can be deployed at any place (like mountains, roads or at the top of building) to serve us. They are also used against drug smuggler by using the latest technology with help to detect the culprits. In addition, hidden cameras with long ranges are installed in these airships, which help detect criminals.

Traveling of passengers

Airplanes are widely used all over the world for traveling purpose. Airships can serve better than airplanes because they consume less fuel and silently complete its journey. In addition, they can also use solar energy to fly and well as electricity. Moreover, they are potential for long flights but they have a disadvantage as well which is that their speed is low as compared to the airplanes. A problem with airships is speed and is one of the reasons airplanes are widely used all over the world. However, experts believe that their speed and efficiency could be enhanced. A most renowned company named as "Good Year" is involved in the research for airships so that they can be used as an alternative of airplanes.


Blimps are widely used for entertainment purpose as well. Many companies use it for different events, festivals, etc. For exampl, they are widely used on New Years for companies to promote their products and tag lines in front of a mass amount of people.

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